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        Hello, welcome to wuxi tianli machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Official website!

        0510-83958121 sales@tl-jx.com


        • Quality guarantee

          All the products of our company are up to the international machinery manufacturing standard, and the quality is guaranteed

        • Home delivery service

          Where the purchase of mechanical products in the company up to XXX yuan, can enjoy free urban door-to-door delivery services

        • Free installation

          All mechanical products enjoy door-to-door installation services, after the purchase of products professional installation master door-to-door installation

        • After the warranty

          All mechanical products enjoy one - year return and replacement, three - year warranty service

        ABOUT US

        ABOUT US

        Wuxi TianLi Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of China's peaches - Yangshan Town, nearby the beautiful Taihu Lake with superior geographical position and convenient transportation. ?TianLi Machinery is a professional enterprise specializes in innovation, design, manufacture, installation, modification, maintenance &repair of heavy-duty port machinery products. It has rich experience in providing solutions to port handling services by manufacturing port machinery, crane equipment, conveying machinery, marine machinery, STS, gantry crane, CSU, ship loader, bucket wheel stacker-reclaimer, RTG, etc. Products are widely used in various port terminals, cargo depot warehouses, ships and marine industries and other handling operations. TianLi Machinery is widely praised by users to create better social and economic benefits for worldwide customers.




        • 08 2021-06

          All staff of the company's tea

                 At 7 a.m. that day, all the staff of the company gathered in the company, took buses from the...

        • 01 2021-06

          Congratulations on the complet

                 We warmly congratulate our company on the completion of manufacturing and installation of two...

        • 30 2020-06

          Metro crane

          This machine is specially designed for the subway deep foundation pit soil sampling, tunnel mucking and research and dev...

        • 29 2020-06

          Two sets of mq25 were sent to

          Portal crane -- four link combined jibThis model has the advantages of beautiful appearance, safe and reliable work, adv...